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End Times Prophecy

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The lettering and numbering below are in outline format for navigation, not necessarily a sequence of events.

Historic Background

Old Testament

New Testament

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A.  God's Chosen People - The Jews - Have Not Been Forgotten
1. a. God gave Israel (Canaan) to the Jews forever, no matter how many times their unfaithfulness angered God, and how many times He allowed them to be displaced by invaders, sent in chains to foreign lands or dispersed to the world.

b. God's special favor on the Hebrew people came in a time of violent, pagan, polytheistic, idol-worshipping cultures that often murdered children, burning them alive in sacrificial rites.

c. The Jews were called to be a race apart from their pagan neighbors, to be a nation of priests, to receive the Word of God in their hearts, to write it, preserve it and preach it to all nations. 

d. The Jews were to be the race from which the Messiah would come. 

e. The dispersions of the twelve tribes of the Hebrew people were all planned by God:
(1) Egypt - Jacob and his family (70 males plus women and children) followed Joseph to Egypt because of the drought, circa 1876 BC; 400 years of slavery; the Exodus from Egypt, circa 1446 BC, with two million people.
(2) Assyria invaded and carried off captives of the ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, 722 BC. Every king of the Northern Kingdom had been evil. They never returned. The ten tribes were: Reuben, Simeon, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Manasseh, Ephraim and Levi. Either Manasseh and Ephraim were counted as one tribe (Joseph), or Levi wasn't counted because, as priests, they didn't possess territory. They are known as the Ten Lost Tribes.
(3) Babylon conquered the Southern Kingdom of Judah (the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin) first in 606 BC; then, after a rebellion, completely destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple, invaded and carried off captives in 586 BC for 70 years; only about 50,000 returned (throughout, the Bible's population numbers are adult males only).
(4) The Roman Empire destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD; the Jews were scattered worldwide. After this final dispersal, they will all be re-gathered to the land of Israel after the Second Coming of Christ, whom they will finally acknowledge as the Messiah they rejected.
Genesis 12:7
Genesis 15:7
Genesis 15:18
Genesis 17:3-8
Genesis 26:3
Genesis 28:15
Genesis 35:11-13
Genesis 48:3-4
Exodus 9:17
Exodus 13:5
Exodus 32:13
Exodus 33:1
Leviticus 18:21
Leviticus 26:12
Numbers 23:9
Deuteronomy 1:8
Deuteronomy 6:10
Isaiah 49:8
Isaiah 49:15-16
Isaiah 49:19
Jeremiah 5:19
Jeremiah 7:7
Jeremiah 32:35
Jeremiah 32:38
Ezekiel 37:27
John 4:22
2 Corinth. 6:2
Hebrews 8:10
Revelation 18:4
2. In the Old Testament, God had a special love for the Jews above all peoples, regardless of whether or not they returned His affection, because of the promises and the oath He swore to Abraham, whom God called, "My friend." Genesis 12:2-3
Genesis 13:16
Genesis 15:5-6
Deuteronomy 4:37-38
Deuteronomy 7:7-8
Deuteronomy 9:24
2 Chronicles 20:7
Isaiah 41:8
James 2:23
3. The Jews were to destroy the pagan peoples who inhabited Canaan, to keep from becoming defiled and infected with their Satan-inspired idolatry and immorality. They did not pay attention to the warnings, and intermarried with the Canaanites. The consequences God predicted did indeed come true. The false gods of the Canaanites, Moabites and all the other surrounding "-ites" were introduced into Hebrew households through these prohibited wives. Even in later years, King Solomon, esteemed as the wisest man of his time, was not immune to the temptations that Satan dangled before him. Solomon's dalliances with foreign wives brought false gods to the palace. Genesis 24:3
Genesis 28:1
Leviticus 18:21-28 
Deuteronomy 7:1-5 
Deuteronomy 9:4-6
Deut. 20:16-18

Joshua 17:13
1 Kings 11:1-5
4. The land promised by God to the Hebrew nation is yet to be fully realized, and centuries of warfare have seen other nations claim Israel's inheritance. The land promised was Canaan, from the Sinai Desert north and east to the Euphrates River, which would include all of modern Israel and Lebanon, and portions of Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabi and Iraq. Compare the map above to this Google map of the area today. Genesis 15:18-20
Exodus 3:17
Deuteronomy 31:23
Acts 7:5
Hebrews 11:9
5. God will make another covenant with Israel after the Messiah returns with His Kingdom; they will again be His people. Israel will be restored forever - to the Jews. Jeremiah 31:31-33 
Jeremiah 31:35-37
Hebrews 8:8 
6. God will reunite Israel and Judah under Christ, and it will never again be divided. This prophecy has not been fulfilled. There are some scholars who argue that all the prophecies about Israel have been completed, and that the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. closed the book. That argument is refuted in these verses. Israel and Judah have never been reunited, but will be when Christ returns. Jeremiah 3:18
Jeremiah 30:3
Jeremiah 33:14
Ezekiel 37:19-22
Hosea 1:10-12
7. Despite European and Western domination of history for the last 2,000 years, God has not set aside His promises to Israel and the promises of judgment and doom on all nations who have persecuted her and Jews worldwide. Leviticus 26:44
Jeremiah 30:16-17
Zechariah 10:6
Romans 11:1-2
8. Regardless of what other cultures, races and religions, particularly in the Middle East, teach and preach about their own relationship to God, His prophets referred to Him as "The Holy One of Israel." Not Jordan, not Arabia, not Babylon, not Egypt. He chose Israel to receive His instructions for worshiping Him and for daily living. No other country, no other people has been so blessed. The book of Isaiah refers to God in this way with 25 references, and two are listed here. A complete list is here. In the last verse, Ezekiel 39:6-8, it is God speaking, and He refers to Himself as "The Holy One in Israel." This verse refers to the End Times, when Magog (Russia) will attack Israel, and God Himself will avenge His persecuted people. 2 Kings 19:22
Psalm 71:22
Psalm 78:41
Psalm 89:18
Isaiah 1:4
Isaiah 5:19
Isaiah 5:24
Jeremiah 50:29
Ezekiel 39:6-8
9. The timetable of End Times and the return of Jesus are related to the actions of the nation of Israel. Israel was given a total of 490 years (seventy "sevens") of existence after the order to restore and rebuild Jerusalem in 444 BC. At exactly sixty-nine "sevens" (483 Biblical years of 360 days = 476 solar years of 365.242199 days +1 for BC to AD - also see Messianic Prophecies page), in 33 AD, Jesus Christ presented Himself as King, was rejected and crucified ("cut off"), and God's time clock was suspended. The final "seven" will begin the final countdown with Israel's treaty with the evil Antichrist. Daniel 9:24-27
B.  This Generation Since 1948 Has Seen More Prophesied Signs Fulfilled Than Any In History
What Did Jesus Say About The End Times?

1. Prophecies are history written in advance, and they can only occur through divine revelation. They are written in such a way that they can only be fully understood after they have been fulfilled. Only then can they be looked back on to appreciate the incredible precision of their fulfillment. Consider the number of prophecies foreshadowed by another, sometimes hundreds or thousands of years apart, where the lesser pointed to the greater, but sometimes more evil, future event. The prophecies about Israel were specific about dates - the bondage years in Egypt and in Babylon, the birth of Christ, His crucifixion and more - but there are no specific dates about the Church. We are told not to speculate on dates. We should, however, interpret unfulfilled prophecy by looking at prophecies already fulfilled. The prophesied curses came upon the Jews literally; so will the blessings. The scattering to the world was literal; so will be the ingathering. The rejection of Israel was literal; so will be its restoration. The first Advent of Christ was literal, personal and visible; so will be the Second Coming. At Jesus' first Advent, even the smallest prophecies were fulfilled exactly in time and space; so will be His Second Coming.

2. Matthew 24 is divided into two parts by the English language editors: Signs of the End of the Age and The Day and Hour Unknown. In it, Jesus said, "When you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door. I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened." Some interpretations of "this generation" say that it means the Jewish race. If, instead, it means when all of the events Jesus recounted in the Olivet discourse take place within the same generation of humanity, then the season of His coming is near. The events that Jesus mentions, in addition to the Old Testament prophecies detailed below, have come true individually throughout history - deception, wars, famines, pestilence, earthquakes, tribulation, persecution and martyrdom of the saints - all have continued unabated for thousands of years. However, not in such time-compressed frequency and intensity as since 1948. This generation is the first time in history that all these events have occurred. Two signs, however, are exceptional that have not occurred in the past. One has happened and one is yet to come in this current generation: the "fig tree" in Matthew 24:32-34 has come to pass; the "Great Commission" in Matthew 24:14 has not. 

3. This is clear, literal, unambiguous language - that when certain well-defined events take place within a relatively short period of time, then we are to be prepared for something wondrous about to happen: the visible, physical, supernatural return of Jesus Christ to the earth as King of Kings and LORD of Lords. He is God come to live with men.

Prophecies Old Testament New Testament
4. Israel would be reborn as a nation: in 1948 (headline - Truman's note), after being stalled in 1917. The "dry bones" symbolize Israel's spiritual apostasy. The "vineyard," "fig tree" and "good figs" symbolize Israel in bloom. When this occurs, along with the other signs, we can "know that it is near, right at the door," that the time is at hand for this generation to witness Christ's return. No nation has been so completely destroyed and brought back to life. But, the branches have no fruit - it lacks spiritual life (the "breath"), which is in the future. Jesus cursed the fig tree because it did not bear fruit, and it withered (but not the roots); Israel rejected its Messiah (in the parable of the tenants, the "vineyard" is Israel) and it withered within one generation (70 AD). The Word was given to the Gentiles "who will produce its fruit." But now the roots have sprouted a new growth. The rebirth of Israel is the sign that confirms all the other signs.

Isaiah 5:7
Ezekiel 37:1-13 
Ezekiel 37:21
Jeremiah 23:3-8
Jeremiah 24:4-7
Hosea 9:10
Amos 9:14-15

Matthew 21:33-43
Matthew 24:32-35
Mark 11:20-22
Mark 13:28-30
Luke 21:29-33
5. False Christs will appear and perform great signs and miracles through assistance by Satan, deceiving many and leading them into lawlessness. Matthew 7:22-23
Matthew 24:4-5
Matthew 24:23-25
Matthew 24:26
Mark 13:22
2 Corinth. 11:3-4
2 Corinth. 11:13-15
6. Earthquakes demonstrate how grasping for the material world is meaningless. "Since the 1960s, economic losses from natural disasters on a global scale have tripled, while insured losses have quintupled."  Worldwide, the number of earthquakes per day range from 10-20. The earthquake in Pakistan on 8 October 2005 killed over 80,000. Matthew 24:7
Mark 13:8
Luke 21:11
7. Wars and rumors of wars - 20th century ("More than 180 million people have been killed in 20th century atrocities, a far larger total than for any other century in human history.") & 21st century. For the first time in history, mankind has developed weapons of mass destruction capable of destroying all life on the planet. Eventually, they will be used, because the prophecy of wholesale slaughter described in the Bible says that only the intervention of Christ will stop every human life from being extinguished. Matthew 24:6
Matthew 24:21-22
Mark 13:7
Luke 21:9
Revelation 6:8
8. A war will start between two countries; their allies will be drawn in - WWI & WWII were foreshadows. Multiply the famines of today many times over, spread worldwide, to get a sense of what is in store during the coming conflagration. Matthew 24:7
Mark 13:8
Luke 21:11
Revelation 6:8
9. a. Pestilence and plagues grow more resilient, and medicine struggles to find answers. The 1918 flu pandemic caused between 50-100 million deaths. The 1957-58 Asian flu epidemic caused 70,000 deaths in the U.S. The 1968-69 Honk Kong flu killed 33,000 in the U.S. The locust plague in Africa was said to be of "biblical" proportions.

b. Weather seems to be deteriorating in every part of the world: Florida, Japan, Bangladesh, North Korea, United Kingdom, India; monster waves in the Atlantic Ocean sinking supertankers; the deadly 26 December 2004 earthquake and tsunami off Indonesia; the devastating effect on New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina on 29 August 2005; Hurricane Rita on 24 September 2005; Hurricane Wilma on 24 October 2005. However, God's wakeup calls from ancient days will get even worse.

Exodus 9:14-16
Psalm 78:50
Psalm 93:3
Psalm 106:29
Jeremiah 44:13
Ezekiel 6:12
Habakkuk 3:5

Luke 21:11
Revelation 6:8
Revelation 9:18
Revelation 15:1
Revelation 16:9
Revelation 16:21
10. Signs from heaven - "The most likely warning today would be zero - the first indication of a collision would be the flash of light and the shaking of the ground as it hit." - NASA Haggai 2:6-7 Luke 21:11
Luke 21:25-26
11. Believers persecuted since the beginning, as they will be in the End Times. No other faith is as targeted for violence. The increase in persecution of Christians worldwide only confirms Jesus' words. Read Oregonian newspaper's investigative report on Pakistan, Burma, Sudan, and Egypt. Christians are persecuted in the Holy Land under the Palestinian Authority and in many other Muslim countries throughout the world. Matthew 5:10-12
Matthew 24:9
John 15:20
Galatians 4:29
2 Timothy 3:12

12. a. False prophets will appear -- Jerusalem may be a focal point. Though dismissed by many as raving lunatics, the cults - People's Temple, Branch Davidians, Solar Temple, Unification Church (Moonies), est, Lifespring, Positive Mind Control and more - are just the beginning. Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientology and Christian Science are cults, not offshoots of the Christian church, though they have tried to present themselves as otherwise. Cults will often use non-Biblical methods to control members, such as "thought reform." Many in the Christian faith will be led astray, and not just by the obvious cults. Interfaith rivalry will lead to hate. Regarding Mormons' obsession with genealogy, read 1 Timothy 1:4 and Titus 3:9.

Jeremiah 14:13-15
Jeremiah 23:16
Jeremiah 50:36
Ezekiel 13:3
Ezekiel 13:9

Matthew 7:15
Matthew 24:10-11
Matthew 24:24
Mark 13:22
1 Timothy 4:1-2
2 Peter 2:1
1 John 4:1
Revelation 19:20
Revelation 20:10

b. Cults deny the deity of Jesus and salvation by grace alone. Why is it so necessary to avoid false prophets? Because Satan masquerades as "an angel of light" and dispenses lies of false doctrine. Through false religions, deceived people believe they are following God's commands, when in fact they are following Satan's commands. Jim Jones (Guyana), David Koresh (Waco) and Heaven's Gate (California) all resulted in the deaths of followers, providing a cautionary warning of cults' dangers. 2 Corinth. 11:13-14
c. "Positive thinking" seminars have morphed into highly successful "prosperity" seminars teaching: "Anything the human mind can conceive, the human mind can achieve." The lesson is not lost on pastors who want to increase their attendance, so their message becomes: "You can be successful - and you deserve to be -  if you do this or that." Meanwhile, Protestant churches with the true message of "Repent! Judgment is near!" get emptier by the week, because their direction is derided as "gloom and doom" or "bummer Bible." Science is just now discovering what God tried to teach us millenia ago - that even thoughts of money will lead to anti-social behavior. Money is not the root of all evil, a widely misquoted verse, but "the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil." Money becomes a false god and, thus, is idolatry. The answer to this misguided prosperity philosophy is found in many verses, including those on the right. Ecclesiastes 5:10
Amos 3:15

Matthew 3:1-2
Luke 12:14-15
Luke 16:13
1 Timothy 6:5
1 Timothy 6:9-10

1 John 2:15
Hebrews 13:5

Revelation 3:17

d. Mormons and Scientologists believe they can "work their way" into becoming gods. Satan tried the same approach on Eve, and it worked; and it's worked ever since. Cults routinely preach a "be all you can be" message of self-love, self-worship, unlimited potential and centered on personal success, rather than God's glory. This New Age philosophy echoes the satanic deceit of: "If it's true that we can achieve anything we conceive, then we must indeed be gods." The common thread is that man, with certain learning or training, will ascend to a higher plane, becoming god-like. The scene is being set for the Antichrist to claim that he is the first to achieve that pinnacle and setting the stage for his claim of worship. But he - and his deluded followers - will pay a fearsome price. Genesis 3:4-5
Isaiah 14:14
Ezekiel 28:2

Ezekiel 28:9
Revelation 13:8
Revelation 13:12
Revelation 19:20
e. Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty." Because of the two miracles of the fishes and the loaves, people were following Jesus to feed their stomachs, not their souls. He warned them against the false doctrines that would spread, using fragments of His truth - the true bread of life - to lead many astray. The false doctrines, or cults, that would spring up were represented by the fragments left over from the original bread. There were twelve baskets in the first miracle and seven baskets in the second, all fragments of false doctrine that multiply like yeast to infect many. Satan's ministers, who are themselves transformed into "servants of righteousness," do not know that they are acting on his behalf, which makes cults all the more dangerous. John 6:35
Matthew 16:9-12
2 Corinth. 11:14-15
13. False Christs, wars, rumors of wars, famines, earthquakes - all part of a step-by-step process of God's construct, similar to the final weeks of pregnancy. Matthew 24:5-8
14. Gospel preached to the whole world. This is the "Great Commission" that has not yet been fulfilled. That does not mean that these entire nations will become Christian, which is wishful thinking; only the free will option will be presented to them. For the first time in history, satellites, cable TV and the Internet make this possible. a. Russia  b. Middle East    Matthew 24:14
Matthew 28:19-20
15. The amazing return to fertility of Israel, after centuries of dust-bowl conditions under Arab control.
"They (Israel) had to reclaim the mostly semi-arid land, much of which was rendered untillable by deforestation, soil erosion and neglect." Israel Min. Foreign Affairs
Isaiah 5:1
Isaiah 27:6
Isaiah 32:15
Isaiah 35:7
Isaiah 41:18
Isaiah 43:19
Joel 2:23
Micah 7:14-15
16. a. The increase in transportation speed and the increase in knowledge, which is now reportedly doubling every 1 ½ to 2 years (analogous to Moore's Law, regarding the increase in productivity of integrated circuits).  Daniel 12:4
b. The first half of this verse has often been misinterpreted to mean that there are further revelations to Daniel still to be discovered; it simply means that to have revealed them at that time to the Hebrew people, and eventually to the heathen Babylonian captors, would have put Israel in grave danger. The first half of the book is written in Chaldean, so that they could read this part of Daniel's writing in their own language. The second half, however, is written in Hebrew because it is only for the Jews. It is apocalyptic, revealing their future suffering under world empires but eventually prospering, through their Messiah's conquest of evil.The writings were safeguarded until after Babylonian captivity ended. After all, the verse in Revelation specifically says not to seal up any prophecy. Daniel 12:4 Revelation 22:10
c. This prophecy by Daniel was written circa 530 BC, more than 2,500 years ago, and was beyond the comprehension of anyone at the time. It offers more evidence that God gave His prophets visions of a future they often did not understand, but would be understood after they were fulfilled . It refers to the king who precedes the Antichrist, the "goat with a prominent horn," who was seen "crossing the whole earth without touching the ground." It was first fulfilled by Alexander the Great, who conquered with great speed. Prophecy is often fulfilled several times, millennia apart, one foreshadowing another. This seemed to the ancients to be magic, but modern military aircraft use in-flight refueling to circle the globe every day; the first In-flight Refueling Squadron was established in 1948. The USS Triton submarine became the first vessel to complete a submerged circumnavigation of the globe in 1960. Daniel 8:5
17. The revival of the Hebrew language, the first known language revival in history. It was the language chosen to convey God's message to humanity, and so is called "the Holy Tongue." For the first time in history, a dead language was revived. Zephaniah 3:9
18. The return of Ethiopian Jews and former Soviet Union Jews to Israel. Although still dispersed to the world and the complete prophecy yet unfulfilled, the great ingathering of all the scattered Jews now commences. To a select group of Jews, a vital task is assigned to bring former unbelievers to Christ. Deuteronomy 30:4
Nehemiah 1:9
Psalm 44:11
Isaiah 11:11-12
Isaiah 27:12-13
Isaiah 43:5-6
Isaiah 49:22
Isaiah 51:11
Jeremiah 3:18
Jeremiah 29:13-14
Jeremiah 30:3
Jeremiah 31:10
Jeremiah 32:37
Ezekiel 11:17
Ezekiel 20:34
Ezekiel 20:41
Ezekiel 28:25
Ezekiel 36:24
Ezekiel 39:27-28
Zephaniah 3:10
Zephaniah 3:19-21
Zechariah 10:8-10

Matthew 23:37
James 1:1
Revelation 7:4

19. The Palestinian-Arab-Iran-Israel conflict is a continuation of the Isaac-Ishmael schism. Except for a very few allies, Israel and Jews are the wordlwide target of hate. And who is the author of hate? Satan will lead men to attempt to destroy Israel, from whence the Messiah came and will return. There will be no peace in the Middle East until His return. Genesis 3:15
Genesis 21:9-13
Psalm 83:2-8
Revelation 12:1-6
20. Men think that all problems can be solved by pooling their resources. Satan's hand tool has always been man's pride, leading him to believe that mankind is good. In truth, mankind is inherently evil, and has been since the Fall. Naïve libertarians believe that men are intrinsically good, and seek "world unity" to cast off God's Word and to create their own humanistic world, totally independent of the Creator. But this naiveté will lead to a one-world government for the Antichrist ("little horn") to rule. It is God's plan that this will fail.  Genesis 6:5
Genesis 11:4
Psalm 2:1-3
Ecclesiastes 7:29
Jeremiah 17:9
Isaiah 8:10
Daniel 7:7-8 
Revelation 17:13
Revelation 17:17
21. An attempt to create a one-world super-church will sacrifice Biblical doctrine and orthodox theology in exchange for organizational unity, and will prepare the way for Babylon, the false religion, for the Antichrist and False Prophet to manipulate. Jeremiah 7:1-5 Revelation 17:3-6
22. a. In this prophecy, the date of Israel's rebirth was prophesied. In Leviticus, God warns four times (!) He would punish Israel seven times over if they remained hostile to Him. Ezekiel is told to lie on his side 390 + 40 days for Israel's sin, to represent 430 years of punishment. (A Biblical year is 360 days, not 365.242199) Deduct 70 years in Babylon = 360 years of further punishment. Only about 50,000 Hebrews returned half-heartedly and unrepentant from Babylon exile and deserving of the seven-fold punishment.

b. The calculation: 360 years x 7 = 2,520 Biblical years x 360 =  907,200 days / 365.242199 = 2,483 solar years of further punishment. Counting from 536 BC, after captivity in Babylon ended (plus 1 for the BC to AD transition) = 1947.77. The Jewish New Year is Rosh Hashanna and falls in September or early October (it depends on the moon) and .77 of a year (9.24 months) brings you to May of 1948. Israel became
a nation on 14 May 1948 - "a nation born in a single day."
Leviticus 26:18; 21; 24; 27-28
Ezekiel 4:4-6

Isaiah 66:8
23. Some misinformed commentators have interpreted the prophet Hosea's words to mean 2,000 years of Israel's punishment after the rejection of Christ and 1,000 years of restoration in the Messiah's Kingdom. However, this would put an exact year on the Second Coming, so its meaning is almost certainly not related to that. This prophecy is included as an example against singling out one verse without taking the warnings against date speculation into account. Psalm 90:4
Hosea 6:2
2 Peter 3:8
24. a. The Roman Empire will be revived. Is the European Union the precursor? Parts 1 - 2 & 3 . The Treaty of Rome was Europe seeking to counteract the influence of the U.S. The European Union is flinging the continent headlong into the waiting grasp of the Antichrist. Though over-subscribed for now, expect the prophesied ten-nation confederacy, a reborn Roman Empire, to arise to power.  Daniel 9:26
b. The segments of the statue in Nebuchadnezzar's dream refer to: 1. The Chaldean-Babylonian Empire (head of gold - 606 to 539 BC); 2. The Medo-Persian Empire (chest and arms of silver - 539 to 332 BC); 3. The Greco-Macedonian Empire (belly and thighs of brass - 333 to 31 BC); 4. The Roman Empire (legs and feet of iron mixed with clay - 31 BC to 476 AD); 4(a). The "ten toes" of the statue are ten nations of the coming evil Empire of the Antichrist. The Vandals defeated Rome in 455 AD, but the Byzantine Empire, or Eastern Roman Empire (330 to 1453 AD), and the Holy Roman Empire (from 843 to 1806 AD) were continuations of the Roman archetype, as is modern Western culture today. It has never been destroyed, just dormant.  Daniel 2:31-43
c. This disturbing dream by Nebuchadnezzar, which only Daniel could interpret through a night vision by God, was the most sweeping view of human history ever recorded. Because of the sins of Israel, they had become "Lo-ammi," or "not My people." The theocracy in Israel was ended when the glory of the Lord moved from the Temple in Jerusalem to heaven, after Jerusalem's destruction by Babylon. With the disappearance of the theocracy, the first world power appeared. This dream prophesies the entire "times of the Gentiles," when the Jews would be oppressed by powerful rulers, beginning with the exile in Babylon, and extending thousands of years into the future to the reconstituted Roman Empire, under the reign of the Antichrist. Only with the destruction of this Empire will the theocracy return.

Hosea 1:8-9

Luke 21:24
d. The culmination of all these Empires, wars, murder and deceit will be the most evil Empire of all time, which will be crushed by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the "rock (was) cut out, but not by human hands," and He will "fill the whole earth." The Messianic Kingdom, based on justice, will replace human kingdoms based on power. Daniel 2:34-35
25. All these signs will occur with increasing frequency, and there can then be no doubt. Matthew 24:21
26. "When these things begin to take place .."  Luke 21:28
Luke 21:27
C.  The Rapture - The Sure Sign That End Times Are Here
Prophecies Old Testament New Testament
1. Why does Jesus delay His return for so long? So that more will come to Him - the "full number." One person will be the last to come to Christ before the Rapture. The next will be too late. 2 Peter 3:9
2. The King James calls it the "fullness of the Gentiles;" the NIV calls it the "full number of the Gentiles" (as opposed to the "times of the Gentiles"), which means the number God has set to come to Christ before the Rapture, which concludes that "fullness." Romans 11:25
3. It is an illusion - and satanically-inspired - that all "good" people will be saved. That is a lie. All who do not believe in Christ are condemned. Matthew 7:13-14
Mark 16:16
4. The "times of the Gentiles," when Israel would be under dominion and oppression by non-Jewish nations, begins with Babylonian exile in 606 BC, and continues until Christ returns to earth to establish His Kingdom, so Jerusalem will be "trodden upon," despite peace efforts; there will be no peace there until Christ returns. Luke 21:24
5. Believing Christians will not go through the Tribulation ("the coming wrath," "the hour of trial"). One of its purposes is to bring the Jews back to God through the Messiah whom they rejected two millennia ago. Previously unbelieving Gentiles who now profess Christ will undergo a severe seven year inquisition. 1 Thess. 1:10
1 Thess. 5:9-10
Revelation 3:10
6. The resurrection of the righteous dead who believed that Jesus is the Son of God. Their faith during life now gains them eternal life. Daniel 12:2 Matthew 24:31
Luke 14:13-15
Luke 20:35-37
John 11:24-26
Acts 24:14-15
Romans 6:4-6
1 Corinth. 15:20-22
1 Corinth. 15:41-43
Revelation 20:4-6
7. a. The pre-Tribulation Rapture will be the snatching up (harpazo = Greek for "caught up") of believers in Christ, both living and dead, in the air to join the Messiah who comes with a shout and the trumpet call of God. This harpazo in the future was foreshadowed by the supernatural departures of Enoch, Elijah, Paul, Philip, John and Jesus. Because these events (past and future) are controlled by God, unbelievers will be confounded for an explanation. In an instant, believers' bodies will be transformed from mortal to immortal, to one like Jesus' glorified resurrection body.

b. It is estimated that there are 2.1 billion Christians of a total 6.5 billion population in the world today. If they were all true Christians (which they are not, because cults are included), they will vanish, leaving 4.4 billion to suffer through the Tribulation.
Genesis 5:24
2 Kings 2:11
Daniel 7:9-10
Matthew 24:30-31
Matthew 24:37-41
Luke 24:51
John 14:1-3

Acts 1:9
Acts 8:39
1 Thess. 4:13-18
1 Corinthians 15:53
2 Corinthians 12:2 
Philippians 3:20-21

Revelation 4:1
8. The Antichrist, with Satan's help, will concoct an enormous lie. It is not specific in the Bible what that lie is. Some scholars have suggested that it may be the Antichrist's explanation of why millions of people have vanished in the Rapture. Other scholars have vociferously rejected that, in favor of an even bigger lie: that the Antichrist is to be worshiped. God allows it to happen, and believing the lie condemns those who do so. The latter explanation, replacing worship of God with worship of a man, is more widely accepted because Jesus warned of religious deception involving false messiahs, false prophets and false miracles. 2 Thess. 2:9-12
Matthew 24:24
D.  Purposes Of The Tribulation: 
  • To shake mankind's complacency so they will turn to Jesus, the only way to God

  • To force a choice: Christ or Antichrist

  • To fulfill God's promises to Israel

  • To execute judgment on the earth

  • To bring an end to the corrupt world system and usher in the Kingdom

E.  The Seven Seal Judgments Are Opened By Christ
Prophecies Old Testament New Testament
The timing is the first 21 months of the Tribulation.
1. The "four horsemen of the Apocalypse" are loosed. This is the rider on a white horse. It is the Antichrist, who appears without a weapon, so his conquest is by deceit and diplomacy. 

Revelation 6:1-2
2. The rider on a red horse is war. Some interpretations say this is a regional (Mideast) war, from which the Antichrist steps forward as the peacemaker. Others say this is nuclear war on a massive scale - World War III. But this sword is the Roman short sword - in Greek machaira (photo) - not the ordinary sword of war - in Greek rhomphaia (photo). These 4 riders kill only (!) a fourth of mankind, so it is likely limited - for now. Revelation 6:3-4
3. The black horse and its rider brings hyper-inflation and famine, which always follow war. It will take a day's wages to pay for a day's food, but the rich will continue to prosper. Revelation 6:5-6
4. The pale horse, with Death as its rider and Hades following, signifying that all who died in the war were unbelievers, and were now in hell. The war, famine and plagues will kill a fourth of the world population. Revelation 6:7-8
5. The martyrs come forward who were slain for their faith and testimony in Jesus. They ask God for vengeance, but are told to wait, for God has already determined the exact number who will die for their faith. Revelation 6:9-11
6. A great earthquake shakes the entire earth and signs from heaven appear. This begins the divine judgments; the previous were man-inflicted.  Revelation 6:12-17
7. The quiet prelude to the pestilential Trumpet Judgments in the second 21 months. Seven angels are given trumpets to herald the next cataclysmic events. Revelation 8:1-2
F.  The 7-Year Tribulation Begins - The Antichrist Comes To Power
Prophecies Old Testament New Testament
1. Israel is attacked. The descriptions in Ezekiel and Revelation are similar in language. Here is the dispensationalist view: Russia (Magog - map) and her allies will attack Israel. Gog is the symbolic name of the Russian commander. Rosh, Meshech and Tubal are ancient Russian peoples; Persia is Iran, Iraq and their neighbors; Cush is Ethiopia and other African allies; Put is Libya and Muslim African allies; Gomer is Eastern European countries; and Beth Togarmah is southern Russia. However, the invasion will fail. They will be destroyed by God's hand and their weapons will be used for fuel for seven years. Magog will return in 1,000 years, in a pact with Satan to attack Jerusalem again and rebel against God, and will be destroyed before they even get started. The opinions of some scholars are that this attack is the excuse the Antichrist uses to offer Israel his protection. Genesis 10:2
Ezekiel 38:1-4
Ezekiel 38:18-20
Ezekiel 38:22
Ezekiel 39:1-2
Ezekiel 39:5-7
Ezekiel 39:9-13
Revelation 20:7-9
2. The Tribulation will last seven years from the signing of a "peace" treaty guaranteeing the security of Israel by the evil Antichrist. The first half will be a false peace and the betrayal in the second half, the Great Tribulation, will be an unimaginable holocaust of murder and destruction. Once again, Israel puts its faith in a man, not God, and "Jacob's trouble" begins. In one paragraph, Daniel makes a sweeping historical prophecy, extending thousands of years, beginning with the crucifixion of Jesus, to the destruction of the restored Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD, to the coming of the Antichrist, his defiling of the Third Temple and his ultimate destruction. Past fulfillment was infallible; expect future fulfillment to be accurate. Jeremiah 30:7
Daniel 9:26-27
Matthew 24:21
Revelation 7:14-15
3. The "peace" treaty Israel signs will be a deal with the devil - literally. Isaiah 28:15 
4. The only one who can save Israel from their deal with the devil is Jesus Christ, the cornerstone. Isaiah 28:16
Isaiah 28:18
5. a. The Jewish Temple will be rebuilt where the previous two were destroyed - by the Babylonians on 9 Av 586 BC, then by the Romans on 9 Av 70 AD. The same day. Coincidence? There are no coincidences in prophecy. The spot is perhaps where the Muslim Dome of the Rock now sits. A fault line lies dormant nearby, so maybe an earthquake will solve that issue. An unproven archaeological theory by Dr. Asher Kaufman proposes that the Second Temple was sited where the Dome of the Spirits/Tablets is located, which lines up east-west with the Golden Gate, presenting an explosive controversy.  The verses in Rev. 11:1-2 have suggested to some prophecy scholars that a "peace" compromise could be proposed by the evil Antichrist, whereby a smaller Third Temple would be rebuilt on the Dome of the Spirits site, without the outer court, and share the site with the Dome of the Rock. Muslim authorities have prohibited excavations in the area, and even deny that any Jewish Temple ever existed there, so it is impossible to know exactly where the Temple sat.

b. However, the sacrifices were to end with the arrival of Jesus Christ, who made one sacrifice of His own blood once and for all. The Old Covenant was replaced by the New Covenant. The rebuilt Third Temple will fulfill its proposed purpose only temporarily; after 3 ½ years, it will be claimed by the Antichrist for his own self-glorification.

c. Reconstruction plans move forward each day. There are several Jewish groups already fundraising for all construction costs: the Temple Institute and the Temple Mount Faithful are but two. Architect's plans have already been drawn and scale models are built for the new Temple. Among the items that have been or are in the process of being created are: apparel and crown for the high priest; priestly garments; the gold and silver mizrak; the laver for purification washing; vessels for the meal offering; the lottery boxes; the silver shovel; the mortal and pestle and the stone vessel for grinding and holding the purifying ashes of the red heifer (later declared unsuitable); the golden menorah; the eleven sacrificial incense spices; cleaving instruments and oil pitchers for replenishing the oil of the menorah; a 1989 discovery found 2,000 year-old oil for anointing Tabernacle vessels, priests, prophets and kings; silver trumpets for assembling Israel at the Temple; and the barley altar.
Ezra 6:7
Isaiah 2:2
Jeremiah 7:3-5
Jeremiah 23:11
Daniel 11:31
Daniel 11:45
Micah 4:1
Zechariah 6:12-14
Malachi 3:1

Daniel 9:24

Daniel 9:27

Numbers 19:1-3

Exodus 30:25-26

Revelation 11:1-2

Matthew 24:15
2 Thess. 2:3-4
6. a. The Antichrist, throughout prophecy, is called by many names and described by metaphors in various ways; but he will be a very real human who will become the most murderous dictator the world has ever seen. There have been and will be many antichrists, but only one Antichrist, yet to be revealed. Isaiah 14:18-20
Daniel 7:8
Daniel 8:9
Daniel 9:26-27
2 Thess. 2:3
1 John 2:18
1 John 2:22
1 John 4:3
2 John 1:7
b. The Antichrist will be filled with pride at his achieving power and will come to think of himself as a god.
His pride will grow unabated with his accumulation of worldly wealth.
The Antichrist's pride is an echo of the first sin - Satan's pride.
Ezekiel 28:2
Ezekiel 28:4-5
Ezekiel 28:17
7. The Antichrist (the "Beast") arises from the revived Roman Empire ("the sea"), or the Gentile nations surrounding Israel, so is not a Jew. However, other opinions differ, saying that he must be a Jew to buttress his claim of being the messiah that Israel awaits. But "the sea" has never referred to Israel. Daniel says, "The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary," which was partially fulfilled in 70 AD, when the Romans destroyed the Temple. The rest will be fulfilled when the Antichrist ("ruler who will come") appears. His authority comes from Satan (the "dragon"), seen waiting for him to come forward.  Daniel 9:26 Revelation 13:1-3
8. A ten-nation confederacy (ten "horns") will be the Antichrist's power base, but three of the leaders will rebel and be destroyed. The fourth kingdom is the reborn Roman Empire (see Prophecies 24b above - 1. Chaldean-Babylonian Empire 2. Medo-Persian Empire 3, Greco-Macedonian Empire 4. Roman Empire). Daniel 7:7
Daniel 7:20
Daniel 7:23-25
Revelation 13:2
Revelation 17:12
9. A one world government will arise, not initially from conquest, but from deceit, in a seemingly innocent attempt to solve mankind's problems, but without God. Conquest, though, will soon follow. Daniel 8:9-12
Daniel 8:23-25
Daniel 11:23 
Revelation 13:3-4
Revelation 13:7
10. The Antichrist will appear to be a man of peace, but will use intrigue, deceit and flattery to gain power from a world so desperate for peace that it will cede authority to him. Evil men throughout history have used similar techniques to great success, for there are always people who want to believe their lies. 2 Samuel 15:5-7
Psalm 5:9
Proverbs 27:6
Daniel 11:21
Daniel 11:27
Daniel 11:31-32
Revelation 6:1-2
11. A false religious system (Babylon) will arise to support the Antichrist. The "harlot" is a term often used to describe counterfeit religions that prostituted the true worship of God. Sorcery, witchcraft, divination and astrology date back thousands of years. This one-world church will support the murder of believers; it will be "..drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus." Isaiah 1:21
Isaiah 47:12-13
Ezekiel 16:17
Nahum 3:4
James 4:4
Revelation 17:3-6
12. The false religious system Babylon, which may be centered in Rome (7 hills), will arise because of  apostasy, when the Church moves away (defects, rebels, falls away) from the truth. Worship will be directed, not to God, but to the man of sin. He will tell people what they want to hear. 2 Thess. 2:3-4
1 Timothy 4:1-2
2 Timothy 4:3-4
Revelation 17:9, 18
13. The Antichrist and his 10-nation confederation will tire of Babylon, the false religious system, and destroy it and/or kill its leader at the mid-point to make way for another religion that worships him as god. Revelation 17:16-17
14. a. Another Babylon, the economic system, is the city the Antichrist will use as headquarters for commerce. It was/will be the city of the first dictator (Nimrod) and the last (Antichrist). Several verses indicate that the Iraqi city will be rebuilt in order to fulfill prophecy. Its excesses will cause God to destroy it in one hour near the end of the 7 years. Bible scholars have interpreted the repeating "fallen" phrase verses in Isaiah 21:9, Revelation 14:8 and Revelation 18:2: "Babylon is fallen, is fallen" as indicative of both its ancient and future destruction. To fall twice, it must be rebuilt. It was never destroyed in one hour, it went through centuries of neglect and irrelevance.

Genesis 10:9-11

Isaiah 21:9

Revelation 14:8
Revelation 18:2
Revelation 18:8
Revelation 18:10-13
Revelation 18:17

b. Jeremiah prophesied to the Jews who were going in captivity to Babylon, but those prophecies were both short-term, when the Medes and the Persians would conquer Babylon in 539 BC, and long-term, referring to the End Times, when God would destroy Babylon forever. No one would ever live there again. This has not been fulfilled in history.
Jeremiah 51:11
Jeremiah 51:24-26,42-43,55-56
15. Ferocious weather will be unleashed by God, as He did in ancient times, to get mankind's attention. Joshua 10:11
Psalm 18:12-13
Ezekiel 13:11-13
Ezekiel 38:22
Luke 21:25-26
Revelation 7:1-3
Revelation 8:7
Revelation 11:19
Revelation 16:21
16. The Antichrist will be "wounded by the sword" and will sustain what "seemed" to be a "fatal wound." It will most certainly be a counterfeit, like he is a counterfeit Christ. Any movie special effects makeup artist could provide the visuals. The dictator's master, Satan, cannot create life or resurrect, only destroy. The wound "miraculously" heals, and Israel and Gentile unbelievers will worship him. Again, it is the short sword (Gr. machaira). Revelation 13:3-4
Revelation 13:8
Revelation 13:14

G.  The Seven Trumpet Judgments - God Begins To Show His Power


Old Testament New Testament
The timing is approximately the second 21 months.
1. A third of vegetation will be destroyed by hail and fire mixed with blood, causing erosion, floods, mudslides, air pollution and famine - an ecological catastrophe.

Exodus 9:22-26

Ezekiel 38:22

Revelation 8:7

2. A third of the oceans will be polluted and turned to blood, killing a third of marine life and destroying a third of all ships. Exodus 7:18-20 Revelation 8:8-9
3. A third of freshwater streams and rivers will become poisoned, bringing death on a massive scale. Revelation 8:10-11
4. Sunlight and moonlight will be reduced by a third, decimating agriculture. Exodus 10:21-23 Revelation 8:12
5. A plague of demonic locusts will be released to sting unbelievers with an agonizing five month torment. Exodus 10:13-14 Revelation 9:1-11
6. A plague of 200 million demonic horsemen will kill a third of what's left of mankind . Revelation 9:12-19 
7. Another pause before the even more lethal Bowl Judgments descend. Heaven rejoices over impending victory, for they know the final score at halftime. Revelation 11:15-19
8. Throughout all these deadly plagues, mankind would still refuse to give glory to God and repent of their sins - their murders, magic arts (Gr. pharmakeia = occult practices with drugs), sexual immorality and thefts. For 6,000 years, nothing changed.  Exodus 9:14-15 Revelation 9:20-21
H.  The Great Tribulation - 3 ½ Years Of War And Death
Prophecies Old Testament New Testament
1. The Antichrist will blaspheme God. Daniel 7:25 Revelation 13:5-6
2. The False Prophet (the second "Beast") will appear meek, imitating Christ, but will be the embodiment of satanic evil. He may be a Jew "out of the earth," or Israel, so other Jews will listen to him. Perhaps by playing on Jewish expectations of the prophet Elijah to appear before the Messiah, he will present himself as a religious prophet. Malachi 4:5 Revelation 13:11
3. The False Prophet requires everyone to worship the first "Beast" (the Antichrist) as a god. Revelation 13:12
4. The False Prophet performs "fire from heaven" miracles to deceive people; whether they are counterfeit or aided by Satan is unknown. Pharaoh's sorcerers were a foreshadow of this event. Exodus 7:8-13 Revelation 13:13
5. The False Prophet succeeds in deceiving the world and orders that an image of the Beast be made. Revelation 13:14
6. The False Prophet requires everyone to worship an interactive image of the Beast and resisters are killed. King Nebuchadnezzar's gold idol was a foreshadow of this. Daniel 3:4-6 Revelation 13:15
7. a. The "Mark of the Beast" (Gr. charagma  tou  therion - an imprinted mark or stamp; belonging to the beast) is administered by the False Prophet, and will be required for all commerce. Revelation 13:16-17
b. New technology: an implanted microchip being touted to the world as a "good thing" by VeriChip and its "Digital Angel" (ironic name) will soon be able to perform that commerce function. Debit card implants are only a step behind. For the first time in history, the communications and data processing technology now exist to make the complete control of money, politics and the military feasible. For the first time in history, all the tools are in place for the Antichrist to control the world.
c. The meaning of "666" has been debated for 2,000 years, but it will be a visible mark, and accepting this idolatrous image acknowledges worship of the Antichrist. A new Bible, The Message, translates Rev. 13:18 quite differently from older versions (on the right). It is a challenge: "Solve a riddle: Put your heads together."

Revelation 13:18
d. Consider this possible solution to the riddle: The numbers are also letters. In 95 AD, John could not have seen Arabic numerals. They had not yet been invented. It was not until 825 AD that Arabic numerals were introduced to Europe by the Persian mathematician Al-Khwarizmi. The numerals John would have seen were those used by the ruling empire in 95 AD - Roman numerals.    
e. The original Greek of this verse spells out "six hundred sixty-six," not a numeral. But, given the many differing Bible translations, is it possible that they were, instead, three single-digit numbers? The number 7 has been peceived as the perfect number because it is the number of completion, when God had finished His work of creation, and 6 is the imperfect, incomplete number. Six hundred sixty-six = DCLXVI in Roman numerals, which does not translate to a word in any language.    
f. If the numbers that John saw were, instead, three individual sixes, and not six hundred sixty-six, then the numbers 666 = VIVIVI. The letters form a word, but ONLY in Italian does the word "VIVIVI" translate into something meaningful. Daniel spoke of the "people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary." The people in 70 AD were Roman, and the ruler who will come will be the Antichrist of the reborn Roman Empire. The Italian language is significant.

Daniel 9:26
g. Type VIVIVI into WorldLingo translator and select Italian to English. (Google and other online translators have inexplicably deleted this phrase's translation) VIVIVI = "You live, to you." It’s from the Latin “vivificus,” or "life-restoring." John challenges us to put our heads together and solve the riddle. What does this phrase mean? Does it relate to the Antichrist's fake resurrection from an assassination attempt? A salute to him?  
8. All who accept the Mark of the Beast will be tormented forever. Revelation 14:9-10
9. Those who have destroyed the earth will be punished severely. Revelation 11:18
10. Satan has been allowed access to God's throne in ages past (for whatever purpose God has deigned), but he now is physically thrown from heaven by his old nemesis, the archangel Michael. The destination of his exile is, unfortunately, earth. Job 1:6-7 Jude 1:9
Revelation 12:7-10
11. Satan will be in a fury to destroy Israel. He's had 2,000 years to read Revelation; he knows his time is short. Revelation 12:12
12. The Antichrist will derive his power and authority, particularly in the second half of the Tribulation, directly from Satan, when his supernatural influence over people will blind them to the truth . Revelation 13:2
13. The Bible does not specifically say that Satan indwells the Antichrist, but he is the only other one called by "son of perdition," as Judas Iscariot was, whom Satan did enter, and many scholars interpret this as meaning they share that evil. Perdition, "his own place" or hell, is reserved for them both. Luke 22:2-4
John 13:25-27
John 17:12
Acts 1:25
2 Thess. 2:3
Revelation 17:8
Revelation 17:11
14. Satan's has always wanted to receive the worship due only to God, and by indwelling the Antichrist, he hopes to achieve it. Isaiah 14:12-15 Matthew 4:8-11 
Revelation 13:2
Revelation 13:4
Revelation 13:8
15. 7 kings/8 kings = empires. "5 fallen" = Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Media-Persia and Greece; "one is" = Rome (written c. 95 AD); 7th king / "one not yet come" = Antichrist of revived Rome; 8th king = same as 7th king, but indwelt by Satan. (The "5 fallen" were not 5 Roman emperors - there were 11 prior to Domitian in 95 AD, when John wrote this.) Revelation 17:10-11
16. At the mid-point of the Tribulation, 3 ½ years, the Antichrist will put an end to Jewish sacrifices and ritual at the rebuilt Temple so that he can use it for his purposes. Daniel 9:27
Daniel 11:31
17. The Antichrist ("man of sin") is finally revealed to the world with the "abomination of desolation." He will enter the rebuilt Temple and demand that all worship him and/or his statue installed in the Holy of Holies. This in the third and final of what has been called a prophecy of progressive fulfillment: first, in 168 BC, king Antiochus IV Epiphanes of the Seleucid Empire desecrated the Temple by erecting a pagan altar to Zeus and slaughtering a pig as sacrifice; next, by the Roman destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, even though an "abomination" was not installed inside. Prophecies fulfilled to a lesser degree often foreshadow a greater, and sometimes more evil, event. It is now 3 ½ years until the Second Coming of Christ. Daniel 8:11-12
Daniel 9:27
Daniel 11:30-31
Daniel 12:11
Matthew 24:15-16
Mark 13:14

2 Thess. 2:3-4
2 Thess. 2:8
Revelation 13:5-6
18. The Great Tribulation ("time of troubles") is the second 3 ½ years of the seven year period, when the Antichrist (the "little horn") will wage worldwide war against Jews and Tribulation saints. However, the war of puny man is no match for the wrath of God that will be poured out on an unbelieving world - the Day of the LORD. Daniel 7:21
Daniel 12:1
Joel 2:1-2
Ezekiel 30:3
Isaiah 13:6
Isaiah 13:9
Zephaniah 1:2-3
Zephaniah 1:14-18
Matthew 24:21-22
Revelation 13:7
19. Man has preferred trusting in his riches instead of God, and has sought the material rather than spiritual. Now, too late, it will be proved worthless. Jeremiah 49:4 James 5:1-3
Revelation 3:17-18
Revelation 18:14
20. For 3 ½ years ("a time" = 1 year; "times" = 2 years; "half a time" = half a year), believers in Christ will be murdered by the "worthless shepherd." None of the Antichrist's or False Prophet's evil scheming is without God's foreknowledge. He uses them to accomplish His plans. Daniel 7:25
Ezekiel 38:9-11
Zechariah 11:15-17
Revelation 13:7 
Revelation 17:17
21. Millions of believers in Christ will be martyred - the Tribulation saints - and many will be beheaded.   Revelation 6:9-11
Revelation 7:13-17
Revelation 13:7
Revelation 20:4
22. In the midst of great suffering, the Holy Spirit will cause people to prophesy. Joel 2:28-29
I.  Witnessing To The World - Many Are Saved, Many More Die
Prophecies Old Testament New Testament
1. When the Antichrist defiles the Temple, a believing remnant of Israel will flee to the desert (some scholars have suggested the ancient fortress of Petra) to be supernaturally protected by God for 3 ½ years. The "woman" pursued in Revelation is Israel (who gave birth to the "male child," which was Jesus), and the armies of the Antichrist (the "river" spewed from the dragon's mouth) will pursue Israel in her desperate flight for safety. In a scene foreshadowed by Moses being hounded by rebels within his ranks, when the earth opened to swallow his tormentors, the pursuing armies of the Antichrist will likewise be swallowed by the earth. Numbers 16:28-33
Zechariah 14:5
Daniel 12:1
Matthew 24:15-16
Mark 13:14-15

Luke 21:20-21
Revelation 12:6
Revelation 12:14
Revelation 12:15-16
2. Unable to murder all the escaping Jews who now believe in Jesus, the Antichrist (at Satan's bidding) is infuriated and takes his revenge out on all believers in Christ. Daniel 7:21 Revelation 12:17
3. When the Antichrist attacks Jerusalem, it will be without walls or gates - unheard of in Ezekiel's time - and it will fall. Psalm 79:1
Ezekiel 38:11
Micah 3:12
Luke 21:22-24
4. 144,00 Jewish witnesses, whom Jesus called "these brothers of Mine," will be protected from the Antichrist until Christ returns, and how one treats these witnesses will determine their eternal fate. This is another event foreshadowed thousands of years previously, when Isaiah warned his people to shelter and hide the fleeing Moabite refugees from the "destroyer," and in the very next verse prophesies the coming Messiah on David's throne who will judge in righteousness. Isaiah 16:3-5
Matthew 25:35-39
Matthew 25:40
Matthew 25:41-45
Revelation 7:3-4
Revelation 14:1-5
5. These 144,000 of God's servants will be sealed by the Holy Spirit, guaranteeing an inheritance with Christ. The Greek word for God's seal - sphragizo:  to stamp, with a signet or private mark, for security or preservation - denotes protection by a sovereign - the Sovereign. The word sphragizo is different from charagma  tou  therionthe Mark of the Beast - which does not indicate protection; charagma is more akin to a brand on cattle destined for the slaughterhouse. John 6:27
Ephesians 1:13-14
Ephesians 4:30
2 Corinth. 1:22
2 Corinth. 5:5
Revelation 7:3
6. God's witnesses, empowered by the Holy Spirit,  will bring millions to Christ during the Tribulation, the greatest soul harvest in history. Joel 2:28-29 Matthew 18:16
Matthew 24:14
Acts 2:1-4
Revelation 7:3-8
7. Those who come to Christ will face the outright hostility of an immoral majority who will prefer their sinful pleasures and will reject anything to do with God. It is expected and predicted. Those who are hated for their love of Christ are blessed. Psalm 10:4
Psalm 37:12
Isaiah 66:5
Daniel 12:10
Matthew 10:22
Matthew 24:9
Mark 13:13
Luke 6:22
Luke 21:17
8. The Two Witnesses (possibly Elijah, and maybe Enoch, neither of whom experienced death) who testify 3 ½ years about the imminent return of Jesus Christ will have supernatural power.

Genesis 5:24
2 Kings 2:11
Malachi 4:5-6
Zechariah 4:11-14

Revelation 11:3-4
Revelation 11:5-7
9. The Two Witnesses will be murdered by the Antichrist, lie dead in the desert sun and heat of Jerusalem for 3 ½ days, then be resurrected to heaven, all seen by the whole world ("every nation"), inconceivable 2,000 years ago. For the first time in history, worldwide viewing of such a scene is now possible; it's commonplace with cable TV news. Revelation 11:7-12
10. A great earthquake will mark the Two Witnesses' resurrection, destroy a tenth of Jerusalem and kill 7,000. Revelation 11:13-14
11. Egypt, traditionally Muslim, will be under the foot of the Antichrist. At first, they will consult magic arts. But they will turn to Christ and be saved (Egypt hid baby Jesus from Herod). Nebuchadnezzar foreshadowed the Beast in many ways, including this one. The nation Israel likewise was "called from Egypt" out of Pharoah's bondage. Isaiah uses the phrase "in that day," shorthand for End Times. Isaiah 19:3-4
Isaiah 19:16-18
Isaiah 19:19-22
Ezekiel 29:19
Hosea 11:1
Matthew 2:14-15
12. The Jews who do survive the Tribulation and finally understand that Jesus is their Messiah will mourn their foolish rejection of Him long ago and return to God's loving grace. Again, use of "in those days and in that time" means the End Times.

Jeremiah 50:4 
Zechariah 12:10

Revelation 1:7
13. The salvation of the Tribulation saints, will depend on standing firm in their belief in Christ and rejecting the sign of the Beast. The martyrs who resist the Antichrist's "mark" and are executed for faith in Jesus are promised sovereignty in the Kingdom. Daniel 7:25
Daniel 7:27

Romans 8:18
2 Thess. 2:13-15
Revelation 12:11
Revelation 13:8-10
Revelation 14:12-13

14. Tribulation saints are cautioned not to resist the Antichrist's violence with more violence, but to passively submit, for their ultimate victory will be by the blood of the Lamb. God will avenge His murdered children. Those who love Jesus more than their own lives will be rewarded eternally. Deuteronomy 32:35
Daniel 7:18
Daniel 7:22
Romans 12:19
Hebrews 10:30
1 Peter 4:13
Revelation 13:10
15. Tribulation saints are exhorted to be patient in their suffering under the dictator's cruelty. A worldwide spiritual re-awakening is likened to a "rain" bringing life, but it is eternal life from the Holy Spirit. Leviticus 19:18
Psalm 37:7
Hosea 6:3
Joel 2:23
Romans 13:12
James 5:7-8
Revelation 3:10
16. Since ancient times, there has been a distinct separation between Jews and Gentiles (often called "Greeks"). During this period of Tribulation, there will be none. There will be those who believe in Christ and those who do not. Romans 10:12
1 Corinthians 12:13
Galatians 3:28
Colossians 3:11
16. For the first time, angels are allowed to preach the Gospel to bring mankind back from the brink of destruction. 1 Peter 1:12
Revelation 14:6-11
17. The theories of evolution and random creation are debunked. Genesis 1:27 Revelation 14:7
J.  God's Wrath Is Poured Out With The Seven Bowl Judgments - Time Is Running Out
Prophecies Old Testament New Testament
1. Malignant sores appear on all those with the mark of the Beast. Exodus 9:8-9 Revelation 16:2
2. All the seas are turned to blood and everything in them dies. Exodus 7:18-20 Revelation 16:3
3. All fresh water sources are turned to blood, because of the blood of the prophets that men have shed. Exodus 7:20 Revelation 16:4-6
4. The heat from the sun will be so intense that it will burn skin, but men still curse God. Exodus 22:28 Revelation 16:8-9
5. Darkness will surround, but only in the kingdom of the Antichrist.

Exodus 10:21-23
Isaiah 47:5
Jeremiah 23:11-12
Ezekiel 32:7-9

Revelation 16:10
6. The Euphrates River will be dried up, allowing a massive army and allies, the "kings of the East," to cross unhindered on its way to Jerusalem. Isaiah 11:15 Revelation 16:12
7. The worst earthquake of all time. Jerusalem is split in three, but every city on earth is flattened. Every island nation is swallowed, perhaps by tidal waves, and every mountain range disappears into the bowels of the earth. Isaiah 29:6 Revelation 16:18-20
8. Demon spirits go out to deceive the armies of the world to participate in the ill-advised attacks on Israel and on Christ and His heavenly army. Psalm 2:1-2 Revelation 16:13-14
Revelation 19:19
9. Despite all the plagues, like Pharaoh, men refuse to repent and give glory to God, but curse Him instead.

Exodus 8:19
Jeremiah 5:3

Revelation 16:9
Revelation 16:11
10. Even after all the terrifying and lethal plagues unleashed upon the earth, and then followed by 100-pound hailstones crushing all in their wake, men still defiantly curse God, refusing to prostrate themselves before the Almighty Creator. Exodus 9:22-26
Exodus 9:33-34
Revelation 16:21

K.  Armageddon

Prophecies Old Testament New Testament
1. The nations gather and prepare to destroy Israel, but God is waiting for them. Joel 3:9-12
2. The sun will be pitch black and the moon turned blood red. Joel 2:10-11
Joel 2:31-32
Isaiah 13:9-10
Matthew 24:29
Revelation 6:12
3. Former allies may double cross and triple cross each other, to no avail, because the Antichrist, headquartered near Jerusalem, will prevail in war. Daniel 11:40-43
4. The war of Armageddon. The armies of the Antichrist and his allies gather to make war on Jerusalem, Israel, the people of God and even God Himself. Of those who have not fled into the desert, half the people will be taken off, but half will survive. Zechariah 14:1-2 Revelation 16:16
Revelation 17:12-14
5. Israel's enemies are likened to a man trying to lift a huge stone - the man is herniated and the rock doesn't budge. Zechariah 12:3
6. God's infinite power over Israel's enemies will send them into panic and confusion. Zechariah 12:4
7. Those who live in the surrounding countryside will recognize that they have been preserved because God has chosen Jerusalem. They recognize that their strength is not in their military prowess, but in the LORD. Zechariah 12:5
8. This prophecy describes the Gentile armies as kindling wood and the governors of Judah as "firepots" that devour straw in flame. God will empower the relatively weak and outnumbered leaders of Israel to consume their enemies. Zechariah 12:6
9. God will deliver the defenseless people outside the city first, so that those in well-defended Jerusalem, which is saved last, will know that the battle was not won by their military might, but by the LORD. Zechariah 12:7
10. Even the weakest in Israel will be like David, who was imbued with the power of God. They will possess the energy of (as many have interpreted it) the Christ Himself - "the Angel of the LORD." Zechariah 12:8
11. Regardless of the Antichrist's seeming invincibility, there is no doubt of the outcome - God will destroy all of Israel's surrounding enemies.

Daniel 11:45
Zechariah 12:9

12. The murderous reign of the Antichrist will kill millions/billions, and the disasters of God's wrath many more. Of 14 million Jews worldwide today, two-thirds, or over 9.3 million - as well as 2.9 billion Gentiles (of 4.4 billion remaining after the Rapture) - will die. But a faithful remnant of one-third of the Jews and Tribulation saints will be saved. There will be about 1.5 billion Gentiles and 5 million Jews who survive the Tribulation.. 2 Kings 19:30-31
Isaiah 10:21-23
Jeremiah 50:20
Micah 2:12
Zechariah 13:8-9
Revelation 9:15-16
13 The death and destruction will be beyond any holocaust in history. For the first time in history, this generation possesses weapons of mass destruction that could destroy everyone and everything on the planet. If it were to continue unabated, every human would die. Only Christ's intervention on behalf of the believing remnant and Tribulation saints will save the tattered remains of mankind. Matthew 24:21-22
L.  The Glorious Appearance of Jesus Christ
Prophecies Old Testament New Testament
1. As the Great Tribulation continues on earth, the Wedding Supper of the Lamb commences in heaven and the bride is all those who have believed in Christ and become a member of His body - the Church. Matthew 26:29
Ephesians 5:29-32
Revelation 19:7-9
2. The Day of the LORD:
a. The sun will turn to black and the moon blood red. The great, dreadful and awesome Day of the LORD approaches - darkness, gloom, desolation, divine retribution and wrath - when God will repay evil in full, both human and fallen angels. Nothing will save them now - it is too late. 

b. Those who have rejected Jesus Christ as the Son of God face an eternity in blackness and fiery torment. First through His prophets, and then through His Son, Jesus Christ, God gave warning after warning after warning, so no one, Jew or Gentile, can plead ignorance. It is the day when the LORD will fulfill His ancient promises to Israel, but only to those who have accepted Christ. 

c. Jeremiah says that God has a sacrifice "in the north country by the River Euphrates." North means north of Israel. The Euphrates River runs through Turkey, Syria and Iraq. The land that God promised to the Jews extends to this river. The dead bodies of the enemies of God will litter this landscape - - and the entire world.

d. If the LORD refrained from intervening, the weapons would destroy all human life on the planet; but He will stop the carnage.
Psalm 37:12-13
Proverbs 16:4-5
Isaiah 2:12
Isaiah 13:6
Isaiah 13:9
Isaiah 13:13 
Isaiah 24:20-21
Isaiah 27:1
Isaiah 34:8
Jeremiah 25:32-33
Jeremiah 46:10
Ezekiel 7:19
Ezekiel 30:3
Joel 1:15
Joel 2:1-2
Joel 2:31
Joel 3:14
Amos 5:18
Amos 8:9
Obadiah 1:15
Zephaniah 1:2-3
Zephaniah 1:14-16
Malachi 4:1
Malachi 4:5
Mark 13:20
Acts 2:20
1 Thess. 5:1-3
2 Peter 3:10
3. The "sign of the Son of Man" will appear in the sky just before Christ's return. Respected pastors have suggested this may be not just a sign, like the cross, but the "blazing, unveiled glory of the Son of Man"  - Jesus in all His splendor. In sharp relief  against the blackness of no sun, moon or stars, the luminescence of Christ lights up the entire universe. Isaiah 60:1-3
Zechariah 14:6-7
Matthew 24:30
4. Jesus will return the same way as He left, on the clouds of the sky, in power and great glory, and on the same spot, the Mount of Olives (photo), which will be split in two. Psalm 104:1-3
Zechariah 14:4
Matthew 25:31
Acts 1:11
5. Jesus will be seen bearing the crucifixion scars, causing Israel to mourn that they rejected Him.  Zechariah 12:10 Revelation 1:7
6. Israel's mourning is the great turning point when they finally believe in Christ - the anguish of true repentance. Their true, honest contrition and remorse will lead to spiritual cleansing. God will then forgive them and pour out His Holy Spirit on them. Ezekiel 36:26-27
Joel 2:28-29
Acts 2:15-21
7. Jesus Christ will return to earth in wrath as King of Kings and LORD of Lords. Isaiah 27:12-13
Isaiah 40:10-11
Isaiah 59:20
Zechariah 14:3
Joel 2:11
Matthew 24:48-51
2 Thess. 1:7-9
Revelation 19:11-16
Revelation 19:19-21
8. Christ will battle, with no help from angels, the armies surrounding Israel, for whoever touches Jerusalem touches the "apple of His eye." Centuries of abuse of the Jews will be avenged by the LORD. Zechariah 2:8-12
Zechariah 12:3
Zechariah 12:9
Zechariah 14:3-4
Joel 3:1-3
Joel 3:12-16
Zephaniah 3:19
Revelation 19:21
9. Christ's robes are stained with blood from the carnage of His enemies in Edom. Isaiah 63:1-4 Revelation 19:13
10. Christ supervises a great harvest, and angels gather out His children from those who will suffer the coming judgment. Matthew 13:39-43
Revelation 14:14-16
11. Angels conduct another harvest, that of unbelievers on the earth, who are transported to the "wine press" of God's wrath outside Jerusalem, and all die. The blood runs five feet deep for 180 miles. Revelation 14:17-20
12. Sexual Sins:

a. Regardless of judicial rulings, legislation passed and libertarian ideals to the contrary, God has been disgusted with sexual immorality from the beginning. If offends Him greatly. 

b. Our body is His temple, and when mankind defiles a body created in His image, the error is not forgotten. Changing societal morals are not acceptable as an excuse for indulging. It is so serious that it is sometimes listed with murder, theft, worshiping false idols and giving false testimony. 

c. Jesus had a very specific message for pedophiles and child abusers, and it is frightening. Sexual immorality of any kind - either homosexual or heterosexual outside marriage - is condemned constantly in the Bible, and the warnings make a final appearance in Revelation, promising dreadful consequences. 

d. Celibacy among unmarried singles is not a suggestion; it is a command from God. Sexual sin harms others beside those participating. In adultery, the spouse is wronged. In premarital sex, the future partner is robbed of the virginity that ought to be brought to the marriage. Current divorce rates of 50% are appalling, and rampant promiscuity can be blamed in part. One motive for celibacy is that God called us to be holy; another, and compelling, motive for celibacy is that God will punish those who do not obey. (1 Thessalonians 4:3-7)

e. Celibacy has been derided for more than 30 years by the "do your own thing" and "free love" libertarians, which has led to the wholesale murder worldwide of 46 million unborn babies by abortion every year, sometimes for no other reason than pregnancy is "inconvenient." Now, in contrast to the eternal consequences of unrestrained sexual hedonism, celibacy seems much more appealing. Those who made a free will choice to engage in unrepentant sexual actions and lifestyles on earth will now have their everlasting future chosen for them.

f. The sexual urge can be overwhelming, but it can be controlled -- but only through the power of Jesus Christ. Because the temptation to sin comes from Satan, human strength to resist is often futile. Some of the new Christians in Corinth had succumbed to sexual temptation, both heterosexual and homosexual, but were able to break their bondage chains through Christ, as Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 6:9,11

Genesis 19:4-5

Numbers 25:1
Proverbs 6:24
Isaiah 57:5
Jeremiah 3:9
Jeremiah 5:8
Jeremiah 13:27
Ezekiel 16:26
Ezekiel 23:5
Ezekiel 23:7-9

Matthew 15:19

Matthew 18:6
Mark 7:21
Mark 9:42
Luke 17:2
Romans 1:26-27
Romans 13:13
1 Corinth. 5:1
1 Corinth. 5:9-11
1 Corinth. 6:9,11
1 Corinth. 6:13
1 Corinth. 6:18
1 Corinth. 7:2
1 Corinth. 10:8
Galatians 5:19
Ephesians 5:3
Ephesians 5:5
Colossians 3:5
1 Thess. 4:3-7
Hebrews 13:4
1 Peter 2:11
Jude 1:7
Revelation 2:14
Revelation 2:21
Revelation 9:21
Revelation 21:8
Revelation 22:15
13. The awful and eternal judgment of the unbelieving nations will take place in the Valley of Jehoshaphat, near (or at) where Jesus was betrayed, the Garden of Gethsemane. Joel 3:2
Joel 3:12
14. Jesus is God and, therefore, the power that smashes all men's evil plans into dust. Daniel 2:44-45
Psalm 2:8-9
15. No enemy of Christ or of His people will be spared dreadful judgment. Zechariah 14:12-13 Revelation 19:17-18
16. Those who have died believing in Christ will return to the earth with Jesus to judge and rule, and they will receive a crown of eternal life.  Psalms 149:5-9
Daniel 7:18
Daniel 7:21-22
Daniel 7:27
Matthew 19:27-29
John 3:16
John 3:36
John 4:14
John 5:24
John 6:40
John 10:28
1 Corinth. 6:2-3
1 Corinth. 9:25
1 Thess. 4:14
2 Timothy 4:8
James 1:12
1 Peter 5:4
1 John 5:11
Revelation 1:5-6
Revelation 20:4-6
17. Old Testament saints and Great Tribulation saints are raised to enter the Kingdom on the earth. Matthew 25:34
Revelation 20:4
18. The Antichrist and the False Prophet will be captured alive and thrown into the lake of fire - hell - to be eternally tormented. 2 Thess. 2:8
Revelation 19:20
19. Satan will be taken into captivity by an angel, chained and thrown into the Abyss for 1,000 years, released for a short time, then thrown back into hell and "tormented day and night for ever and ever."  Revelation 20:1-3 
Revelation 20:7-10 
20. Hell 
a. First conceived as punishment for Satan and his rebellious angels, it now becomes the repository of billions and billions of human souls who have rejected God's plan for eternal life by rejecting the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

b. Jesus had more to say about hell than anyone else, and He should know - He made it. Anyone who rejects Jesus as God the Son will be physically trapped there, conscious and aware of pain, for all eternity. It is the second death - a lake of fire.

c. Transcendent, eternal bodies are going to be given to the damned; they will suffer in those bodies forever. The bodies men have now wouldn't be able to endure hell because they would be consumed in a moment.

d. The word "hell" is absent in the Old Testament, but the Hebrew word "Sheol" is mentioned 63 times, and its closest meanings are "grave," "death" or "Hades," where all departed dead spirits went before Christ. "Abaddon," or "destruction," is mentioned 4 times. Rather than confront the punishment for their sins, mankind prefers to say, "I don't believe in hell." 
  Matthew 5:22
Matthew 5:29 
Matthew 5:30
Matthew 10:28
Matthew 16:18
Matthew 18:9
Matthew 23:15
Matthew 23:33
Matthew 25:41
Mark 9:43
Mark 9:45
Mark 9:47
Luke 12:5
Luke 16:19-24
James 3:6
2 Peter 2:4 
Revelation 20:14
21. The East (Golden) Gate of Jerusalem is the gate Jesus entered in His triumphal entry from the Mount of Olives to the east. It was prophesied it would be shut because the LORD had entered it, but it would "broken through." The gate holds much significance to the Jews (who believe Messiah is yet to come through it), so the Muslims walled it up, the only gate so blocked, and put a cemetery outside, ostensibly to block the Messiah's entry. It may be the gate He will approach from the Mount of Olives and break through to enter.  Ezekiel 10:18-19
Ezekiel 43:4
Ezekiel 44:1-3
Micah 2:13
Mark 11:1-2
22. The Jews will finally say the long-overdue words. Luke 13:35
23. Upon Christ's return, all appointed feasts are cancelled except the Feast of Tabernacles . Zephaniah 3:18
Zechariah 14:16
24. Christ will rule His 1,000 year Kingdom from Jerusalem. The LORD's favor returns to Zion. All the promises God made to Abraham and his descendants will be fulfilled. Psalm 102:16
Isaiah 2:1-3
Isaiah 44:23
Jeremiah 32:40-42
Zechariah 8:3
Revelation 21:2
25. Christ will rule the earth as King. Zechariah 14:9 Revelation 1:5
Revelation 11:15
26. Christ will rule with an iron rod of discipline. There will be no rebellion or sin tolerated; but, with Satan's influence gone, the desire to sin will disappear. Psalm 2:9
Job 5:17
Ezekiel 36:25-27
Revelation 2:27
Revelation 12:5
Revelation 19:15
27. Every element of the present earth will be burned away and reformatted to something new. 2 Peter 3:10
28. At the end of the 1,000 years, the Great White Throne of judgment is reserved for unbelievers. The judgment seat belongs to Christ, and He will resurrect the dead and judge what they had done on earth - every act, every word, every thought. All will be held accountable to God. Those whose names are not in the Lamb's Book of Life will be cast into eternal hell. Likewise, angels who rebelled with Satan will be judged. Psalm 9:7
Ecclesiastes 3:17
Ecclesiastes 11:9
Ecclesiastes 12:14

Matthew 7:22-23
Matthew 25:41
Luke 12:3
John 5:22
Romans 2:5-6
Romans 3:19
Romans 14:10
2 Corinthians 5:10
Hebrews 9:27
2 Peter 2:9
Jude 1:6
Revelation 20:11-15
Revelation 21:8
Revelation 21:27
29. The resurrection of believers - and the Old Testament saints - will be bodily, not a ghostly spirit, exactly as Jesus was resurrected, in a glorified new creation.  Job 19:25-26
Ezekiel 37:12-14
Matthew 22:30-32
Luke 20:35-36
John 11:25
Acts 24:15
Romans 6:5
1 Corinth. 15:20-22
1 Corinth. 15:42
Philippians 3:21
Revelation 20:6
M.  Eternity
Prophecies Old Testament New Testament
1. The earthly Kingdom will merge into God's Eternal Kingdom. Daniel 7:26-27 Revelation 21:1-5
Revelation 21:10-14
2. New Jerusalem will be the eternal refuge of believers and will be a 1,400 mile cube of solid gold and every precious stone. Revelation 3:12
Revelation 21:15-21
3. The new heaven and the new earth will endure forever, and people will journey to Jerusalem to worship Christ. There will be reminders of rebellion's consequences. Isaiah 65:17
Isaiah 66:22-24
Jeremiah 3:17-18
Jeremiah 31:6
Zechariah 8:22-24
2 Peter 3:13
Revelation 21:1
4. There will be no more violence. The Kingdom will have no sun, moon or Temple, for light emanates from Christ and all worship is to Him. Isaiah 60:18-20
Zechariah 14:6-7
Revelation 21:22-25
5. The river of the water of life and the tree of life, last seen in the Garden of Eden, now reappear - the free gift of eternal life offered by Christ to those in Him. Genesis 2:9
Genesis 3:22
Genesis 3:24
Zechariah 14:8
Revelation 2:7
Revelation 7:16-18
Revelation 21:6
Revelation 22:1-2
Revelation 22:14
Revelation 22:17
6. Christ is eternal. Isaiah 26:4
Daniel 4:3
Habakkuk 3:6
John 1:1-2
John 8:58
1 Timothy 1:17
2 Peter 1:11
Revelation 1:8
Revelation 21:6
Revelation 22:13

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